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We give our clients results...not promises

Our skin care has advanced ingredients to protect skin against the effects of time and environment.

Poise Int'l Beverly Hills skin care products contain the finest natural ingredients and extracts, valued for centuries throughout the Orient and Europe for their medicinal, cleansing and beautifying properties. These ingredients are extracted and blended in the most precise formula to improve skin car condition. All ingredients are environmentally safe , from nature, ranging from the familiar to the more exotic.


The New Look is Natural

"An understanding of the need for harmony and balance in these turbulent times is what drives the creativity of NCA's 'Natural --By Design.' It's a practical guide for creating real-life designs, featuring hair, nails and make-up that are sun-kissed and glowing, just as nature intended,' says NCA promotional materials.

Boundaries are blurred between indoor and outdoor looks this spring/summer. The NCA design team says that what works best is appealing to clients of all ages.

The Natural--By Design face enhances the total look with complementary colors that are fun, easy and, of course, natural. Looks are flawlessly simple and touchable. For day, use tinted moisturizers with sunscreen for a polished feel or foundation as necessary.

Eyes are in focus this season with yellow and peach, pink and coral as fashion's favorites--all infused with shimmer for softness. Beauty note: mascara is a must-have for summer! It's great for eye-defining looks and a versatile accessory for women...and men.

Cheeks are highlighted where the sun would naturally glow. Coral appears again, or perhaps a rose to blush cheekbones and forehead. Bronzer finishes the face--naturally.

Lips are soft and smooth this summer with a little help from lip conditioners (best with vitamin C) and a little exfoliation. Use a tinted lip conditioner or balm with sunscreen.

There you have it! All Natural--By Design.

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